This is bad, this application will be discontinued by the end of 2016. Once uninstalled, you wont be able to download it from the google play store. So, download it now and enjoy one snap perfect clicks. Another fabulous application from the same developer. Actually, this application is an extension to the youcam Perfect app to give you few more features like face beautifier, skin cleaner, hairstyle Changer and more. Girls do love makeup and you will find eye-liners, lipstick, kajal and all those elements of a cosmetic kit in this selfie camera app. #4 Motorola camera, exclusively for Motorola smartphones with support for Motorola smartwatches that can take pictures and shoot videos at one touch. Got a motorola Smartwatch?

best selfie camera app and auto beautifier. You can adjust your height in the snap using the slim and tall tool. #2 Selfie camera facial beauty, want a skin like a cute baby to look younger in your clicks? Selfie camera app is best fit for you as it can remove the acne from your face and deliver the best picture quality as well. Moreover, there are 20 amazing effects and filters to brighten and beautify your pictures.

If you are going to buy a hals smartphone which will be taking a selfie a day, oppo camera phones (oppo f1s is the new camera ninja) are the best. Buying a phone with where less than 13mp rear and 8mp front camera is totally waste of money. Instagram allows you to edit and filter your images before you post them on your profile but if you want to click a good quality picture, you need a selfie camera application. I have a list of few photography apps that can enhance your selfie clicking experience. #1 youcam Perfect selfie pro (Best Selfie camera). Next application that has revolutionised the craze of taking beautiful selfies is youcam Perfect Selfie pro. If I dont bother you around, youcam is the only additional camera application on my smartphone which I trust for high-quality snaps every time i click. There are so many reasons why i love clicking images with this application. It clicks selfies with the sound keys as well. So, i need not touch the click selfie button on the screen.

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10 of the best selfie camera apps : Today, i am sharing some eminent and awesome best selfie camera apps and I guess you might be aware. If you are reading this, Admit it that you are a selfie addicted. If you really want to let your freak nadelen flag fly, you just need one of these apps. These apps are very fast, recommended by many users and are comparatively better than that of your pre-existed application. Well, the selfie taking has become the fashion of these days. I have seen many people clicking selfie at a restaurant, public places, at Temples, even at street. It is really incredible. Even we really want a selfie with someone who is seen once in a blue moon. Today i have compiled a list of best selfie apps to install and take amazing selfies on your android phone.

Top 10, best Selfie apps, for 2018

For selfies, the app offers a great portrait mode, along with beauty mode to make yourself look even better. Additionally, theres also raw image support for those of you who like to spend their time in manual post-editing. Download: (.99 ). Perfect365 Perfect365 is the app for you if you prefer beauty modes over lenses and filters. The app allows you to try new looks on the fly. However, the app would more appeal more to the female audience, considering that the app does not incorporate filters, but instead, virtual makeup and styling tools. It comes with more than 20 makeup and beauty tools so you can customize your personal style, including shadows, liners, lipsticks, and more! Oh, and there are over 200 pre-set styles, so stylization is just a mere touch away.

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Along with great selfie-taking features, the app also comes with great selfie heerlen editing tools to get you the perfect selfie you need. The app is feature packed and there are a number of interesting features like beautifying effects, face reshaper, stylization and the ability to beautify all the features of your face. Also, you get a full-fletched editor with features such as mosaic blur and object remover. While the camera mode may not offer as many filters in real-time as opposed to the other apps on this list, the image editor offers way more features to make up for that. Bestme, bestme is a selfie app that is specifically dior designed for instant sharing on social media. The app comes with an emoji-grid photo mode, a no-crop mode for Instagram, along with 125 real-time filters and a plethora of stickers. You also get a real-time collage feature and a camera and editor that is specifically designed for capturing the perfect selfie.

If you want an app that clicks images that are social media ready from the get-go, bestme is the selfie app that youre looking for. In fact, the app also has direct sharing embedded so you can easily post your images on Facebook, instagram, Twitter, and more. Download: free top 5 Selfie apps for ios. Halide The only premium app on this list, and rightfully so, halide is probably the best camera app out there. With high-end tools, a ui designed from scratch for iPhone 8 and iPhone x featuring beautiful details, halide is your go-to camera when you want to really take a photo rather than a quick snapshot.

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You get real-time beauty effects and immaculate filters to make yourself look even better. Also, you get a plethora afvallen of lenses which even outweigh the likes of Snapchat. Oh, and if you thought that was all, there are also. Ar stickers to add more life to your snaps. Additionally, b612 also allows for video recording with live filters, allowing you to create high-quality music videos. The apps interface is very similar to that of Instagram, with features such as images, music video, hands-free mode, and boomerang, manicure all laid out at the bottom for the users convenience. Youcam Perfect, the youcam Perfect Selfie app is a great app for all you selfie lovers out there.

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Download: free ). Candy camera, candy Camera app is one of the higher rated apps on the google Play store and its another great selfie app. The app lets you take selfies and see real-time effects on them and there are more than a hundred filters in the app. Apart from that, you get added features such as stickers and collage. Theres also a silent Camera feature which allows you to take selfies in public without attracting much attention. Oh, and the app also offers real-time unlimited video calls for free with real-time filters. Unlike most apps out acne there, candy camera is a very lightweight yet powerful app, which allows the user to make use of gestures to easily make their images look popping. B612, boasting of over 1,500 diverse stickers, b612 is a selfie camera app that is preferred by the majority of users out there.

Read on, as we bring to you our list of 10 best selfie apps for Android and ios that you can use to up your selfie game: Top 5 Selfie apps for Android. Sweet Selfie, sweet Selfie is one of the best selfie oriented apps on the Play store, and my favorite too. The app comes with all the features koop youd expect of a selfie camera, and then some. Sweet Selfie allows users to beautify their images with trendy filters and special stickers, along with smart auto beautify, amazing blur, vignette as well as retro features. There are also features such as teeth whitening, and muscle stickers, so you can easily try a new look. The apps interface is also nice, with all of the actions laid out nicely. You also have the ability to change the filter or modify the brightness using gestures. If you want to up your selfie game, id suggest you try Sweet Selfie first-off.

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The current generation is obsessed with selfies, without a doubt. No matter which social media platform you use, be it Facebook, instagram, Snapchat or even Twitter, selfies are the norm everywhere. However, the regular selfies have been replaced by more enhanced selfies. Apparently, having a front camera is not sufficient for most users. With frambozenolie dedicated selfie apps surfing up, we have the ability to add filters, stickers, ar masks, and what not to our selfies to make them stand out. However, with so many apps to choose from, which ones are the best to go with? Well, we are here to make the work easy for you.

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